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Who is Rick Davenport & what is his Martial Arts background?

Hi. My name is Richard and I am originally from Stockton, Ca.. I grew up in the time of the famous Bruce Lee – My father was  not much of a father figure and my mother was a Hairdresser and worked very hard and was a good provider. Even as a young child, I was very active in sports. My childhood was normal, I came from a broken home just like most of my friends. My teenage years were shaped by sports, and I was able to achieve some success in soccer and basebal. I did manage to start my martial arts in Shota Kan as a kid. "HATED IT" The most painful experience as  I remember. Very knowllegeable in weapons at a young age. I finallly made it to blue belt where the weapons began. Nun Chuks.....Amazing experince with Mr. John Garcia. I struggled as a teenager. I still managed to stay true to martial arts. I got married and had a kid. Well you know all martial arts are put on hold when the kid arrives. I had a son named after me. "SO PROUD". 


 I would continue to play martial arts on the side and had another daughter Jina. Things continued to sprial down hill. moved to Buena Park Ca. to back to school and have been here ever since. For the past 10 years now, I have been calling this city home and continue to love it. In fact, I don’t think I will ever want to move away from here.

I've been in the Los Angeles Ca. area now for 30 years. i have having successfully completed several martial arts. I have trained with several Masters in the Eskrima Serrada organaztions, Grand Master Carlito Bonjoc, Master Ron Saturno, and am presently training with Master Frank Rillamas. I am still training with Grand Master Pierce of Pierce Family Gung-Fu. I hold a 9th degree with Grand Master Pierce and I am a Guor in Serrada and am woking on another Guroship under Grand Master Frank Rillamas. I have been teach since 2001. I now teach out of my home. I have converted my garage into a Dojo. I have trained in several weopons and I am a Master knife fighter. I train standard and ice pick grips, and I also train in Karambit. I train in Conbative Tai Chi under Grand Master Pierce.

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